Stop wasting time and money on your RAW photography storage

All photographers are different, but what brings us together is our passion to collect memories and here's where storage problem goes universal whatever photography industry you are working in. We use dozens of disks, NASes, sometimes have up 4-5 backups, which is a huge part of our day-to-day job. Here are some ways Dotphoton team uses Dotphoton Raw to deal with it:
Stop buying new drives
With Dotphoton Raw you can optimize your current archive by 5 times. It means you can forget about buying new storage for 5 more years.
Your whole archive on 1 disk. Yes, that's possible now
With Dotphoton Raw you can put all her 10 year photo archive on a single disk and browse it at the speed of light.
Ditch in-camera compression
Some photographers prefer to use camera compression and we can't blame them, the storage issue is always here for all of us. Unfortunately, most of pre-built settings either downscale your images by a number of bits, or simply convert your images to a lossy format and repack it to a raw format. But why spend so much money on nice cameras only to get less quality than promised? Here's where Dotphoton Raw is super helpful: shoot your images uncompressed, optimize with DPR and get the best quality available from your camera with a 5:1 file size reduction.
Switch from HDDs to SSDs
If you haven't already switched from HDDs to SSDs, now it's the best time for it. Let's say you want to backup some 3000 images from a wedding you did last weekend to you HDD. With 2 images per second it will take you around half an hour to back it up, while with Dotphoton Raw it will be just 5 minutes, isn't it amazing?
A game-changing tool for a startup price
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