No startup disks almost full to distract you ever again
The best way to use Dotphoton Raw
Our favorite workflow with Dotphoton Raw is to immediately optimize raw files straight from your SD card.

Let's say, you've just came back from a shoot with a Sony A7III camera full of 3000 fresh new raws. With 40MB per file, it's something like 120GB of images that you will need to import, backup, cherry pick and edit, depending on your current workflow. Some people delete some of the originals straight away or rate them first to delete, we all have our own ways to deal.
Everything is so much smoother with Dotphoton Raw
Now, if you'd use Dotphoton, you could import them directly to Dotphoton Raw, optimize and export to a desktop folder. The same very shoot will be just somewhat 24GB with files around 8MB each, and you can proceed with your workflow 5 times faster, whether you want to import them to an LR localfolder, external drive or elsewhere to the clouds. Just imagine what your life could be without that annoying "Your startup disk is almost full" thingy!
Sharing is caring
Oh, and by the way, if you share your Dotphoton-compressed raws with colleagues, retouching pros and clients, Dotphoton-optimized images are as quick to share as a jpeg via email, airdrop or other sharing services.