Use your cloud RAW photography storage 5 times more effectively
Clouds are awesome
You can safely backup your raws and jpegs/tiffs while having a quick access to your previous artworks. Another neat benefit of cloud storage for photographers is having at least one of your backups completely off your regular grid to make it independent of your system in case of a massive storage collapse — we all know that hard drive not only live fast and die young, but it's the unexpectedness of this, which is most painful.
But is it really awesome now?
One tiny pitfall though is — modern cloud solutions are not really tailored for pro photographers with terabytes of imaga data. You either have to pay for extra cloud storage space or for upgrading your bandwidth speed to boost upload/download speed. That's why so many people don't even try to use clouds for their raws, settling with backing up only jpegs.
Without a doubt, cloud computing is the future. But is it the future for photographers?
Nasim Mansurov,
How Dotphoton changes the way photographers use clouds
There are two major ways to benefit from Dotphoton Raw.
If you use or would love to use cloud storage with a plan limited by storage capacity, Dotphoton Raw will simply boost your economic value by up to 5 times. Let's say you are using a 1TB Dropbox plan and your raw files average size is between 40 and 120MB, take 80MB and you can keep around 12,5k images. With DPR it would be around 62,5k files.
If you are using an unlimited plan, the biggest benefit for you would be speed of upload/download to the clouds.

Let's say you've just came back from a shoot with 3000 images on your SD, 40MB each. The average speed of upload to the clouds in Europe Europe: 6 MB/s, so it will take you 6 seconds to backup just one image. 3k images will take 5 hours to get upload to your cloud, while if you first optimize your shoot with Dotphoton Raw it will only take just 1 hour to do that.