Dotphoton Raw camera support limitations
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"Unfortunately, as we all know, we don't live in a perfect world. Changing it all may sound presumptuous, especially as there hasn't been much evolution in terms of raw file format since digital cameras have been around. However, one company named Dotphoton is about to change it all!
"Files can be compressed to a third or a fifth of their original size! In my testing, I haven't had a file that wouldn't get compressed by less than three times.
Is It truly lossless? Well, it seems like it! I couldn't say yes or no for sure, but it definitely feels like there is no difference"
"Dotphoton Raw is so far the best thing I've discovered this year. I haven't been excited about an app, solution, or even product in general for quite a while.
The result is actually very far from what you've ever seen"