Camera support
Not supporting settings reducing image quality to 12 bits:
  • Bulb mode: all exposures > 30 sec.
  • Continuous shooting mode
  • Silent shooting mode
  • Long exposure noise reduction LENR = ON

A7 II and III
A7R II and III
A99 II
Not supporting "Dynamic Range" setting values above 100%.

Only supports:
  • 14 bit lossless compressed
  • 14 bit uncompressed images

Not supporting lossy integrated proprietary compressed files:
  • sRaws
  • mRaws

1D X Mark II
5D Mark IV
5D Mark III
5D Mark II
7D Mark II
Mavic Pro 2
Will there be more cameras supported?
Sure! You will learn about new cameras next time your copy of Dotphoton Raw will be automatically updated. To get the latest news, please follow us on and You can also subscribe to our newsletter at
Do I have any impact on when my camera will be supported?
We are super open for your feedback. Please help us make Dotphoton Raw available for your camera ASAP by upvoting it on the list here.
What will happen to photos from supported cameras, but made with unsupported settings?
We will convert them in DNG and copy to your output folder without compressing. Why do we do that? So you couldn't accidentally delete complete folders of source files along with unsupported files and lose it.
Installation, updates
Is there a Windows edition?
Not yet, but we are aiming for it. We are in no way interested in discriminating artists by their machines and we'll roll out the Windows edition as soon as we get ourselves on a more solid ground with the product we have now.
Why do I need to install Adobe DNG Converter?
In order to provide the best possible compression some of the files will require a free copy of Adobe DNG Converter on your system. If you uninstall Adobe DNG Converter, Dotphoton Raw will not work until you install it back.

How do I uninstall Dotphoton Raw?
Simply delete Dotphoton file on your system. If you don't remember where it is you can ppen Spotlight and enter Dotphoton in the search field to locate and delete the file. If you would also like to uninstall Adobe DNG Converter which goes with Dotphoton Raw, you can also delete it from Applications folder.
How do I update my copy of Dotphoton Raw?
Updates come automatically, so there's no need to manually update your Dotphoton Raw. You will see an update notification as soon as it will get updated.
Is there a trial version of Dotphoton Raw?
Not for now, but we provide downloadable test images by our guest artists on our website so you could compare the quality with your own eyes.
What will happen to my source files after compression?
Dotphoton Raw will not rewrite your source files, they will remain intact. After compression a new copy of each file is created which will be up to 7 times lighter preserving full quality.
Where will my compressed images be stored?
It's for you to decide: choose or create a folder from 'Save to' bottom menu or chose one of the previously used folders by clicking 'More'.
What's your compression ratio?
1:3–1:8 depending on the information stored in your image.
Why DPR says that some images imported are not supported?
There are basically two options:
1. You are trying to compress images that can't be compressed due to our limitations or from an unsupported cameras (see website for full list).
2. If the number of imported images and compressed images are the same, but DPR still says some of them were not supported, there might have been a hidden macOS system file among the files you've imported that we can't define since they are protected by your system.
Why does Dotphoton Raw add .p extension to my photos?
This is so you wouldn't forget that those images are already compressed by Dotphoton Raw. It will not affect importing, editing or saving images in any way, it is just a part of the file name.
Does DPR retain the metadata of the original file? (Thank you, Richard!)
The only metadata tag that we've found not getting transferred to the output files so far is the Noise Profile.
Subscription, license
What is my license number?
It's a number you use to activate your copy of Dotphoton Raw. You can find it in the e-mail that we've sent you when you purchased the license, upon logging in to or in the app's Check license window.
How can I renew my subscription?
Subscription will renew automatically. If it didn't happen, open Check license window and click Renew now.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Unfortunately, you can't.
What will happen to my images if I don't renew my license?
Absolutely nothing will happen. Your images will be stored wherever you store them and they will be editable at any time as DNG is an open raw format. The only change for you would be that you will not be able to compress more images with Dotphoton Raw.
Can I install Dotphoton Raw on multiple computers?
Yes, your license key will work on two Macs. Any additional computers will require purchasing another license.
Why my license is deactivated and what can I do about it?
Basically there are three options.
  • Your order was canceled or refunded, which rendered the activation code invalid.
  • We've noticed some potential fraud activity connected to your license and blocked it.
  • You've used your license key on more than two Macs, so one of the first two got automatically deactivated.
How can I move my license to another computer?
As for now we can only do it manually for you by switching off one of your already used licenses. Please contact us at
How can I get my money back?
Please mail us at so we could help you.

Why subscription?
Exactly like many photographers out there, we've also been somewhat frustrated by some of the subscription policies of the big software companies. But unfortunately, subscription model is the only viable way for indie developers to keep making our products better for our customers every day and not just sell out new versions once in a couple of years.
Promocodes, gifts
How can I redeem my promocode?
Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. Go to Check license window, click redeem and enter your promocode. You will see an alert in case of success or a error.
Where can I get promocodes?
Follow us on and to participate in our promos.
How can I get free days of using Dotphoton Raw?
The most simple way is to spread a word about Dotphoton Raw using our affiliate program. Just open the Affiliate program window in the app, copy your personal link and send it to your friends or post it on Facebook and stuff. As soon as one of your friends will join Dotphoton, you will receive free days of using Dotphoton Raw!
Suggestions and rants
We have a tiny special page for that or please email us at
We are always happy to get your feedback at