4 ways to use Dotphoton Raw to make your life easier
Edit big shoots quicker
So you came back home from that wedding with 1500 photos from you D750. Just compress all of them while having a cup of coffee to save somewhat 21GB on your disk. Normally what you do next is import it to your Lightroom which takes a lot of time, but not anymore. Because each of your picture is now so much lighter, they get imported in a breeze. What's even more cooler is that your laptop won't get hot while editing.
Send raws to retouchers
So you came back home from that huge fashion shoot and you need to edit 3 best pictures to send to your clients and send the rest of the images to your retouchers. Compress all of your images straight away and just send them 5 times quicker, no need to keep your laptop open for so long.
Take less hard drives with you
So you are leaving for that great photo trip to Iceland to shoot those long panoramas and long exposure landscapes. How many hard drives will you take with you? One? Three? We bet there are more important things to take with you. Now you can just keep all your photos on your laptop and just one hard drive.
Securely back up your archive
Photography is not just your business. It's also your life: personal projects, family pictures, daily life. It's hard to let go all the great pictures you've made but you don't have to now. Imagine five 2TB hard drives shrinking to just one tiny disk.
Early bird offer:
$49/year, free updates
Like a cup of coffee a month, but for your next favorite professional software
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