RAW photos, 80% lighter with the same quality and resolution
Meet Dotphoton Raw. The first  macOS app to compress raw images by up to 80% preserving full raw quality and resolution:
Raw quality, JPEG size

We know you have to decide whether to keep or toss your raw sources for most of your shoots. Not anymore, now you can keep all your artwork with you.
Share your editable RAW files with clients, upload for editing in a breeze like if you were sharing regular JPEGs.
Backup your most important work on just one hard drive and cut your storage costs by 5 times without losing on quality.
Travelling to that Mongolian desert or Iceland glaciers? Make room for more important stuff in your backpack instead of external hard drives.
Universal, forever
Not another proprietary raw format. Compressed images are converted into DNG, the format trusted by Leica, Sony, Apple, Pentax, Ricoh and other leading brands.
Ready to use
Dotphoton-compressed images don't require decompression and are compatible with main photo editing software, i.e. Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Capture One, DxO Mark, Photo Mechanic etc.
Dotphoton doesn't upload images
anywhere online and doesn't have access to your information apart from camera model, which allows us to effectively control compression quality. The app works offline.
Since Dotphoton Raw output raw images are regular DNG, you can use them at anytime and store them no matter what.
Just as your usual raws, Dotphoton-compressed images can be later converted to any print format. Image resolution after compressions stays intact.
We share your love for quality. Compare compressed images by our guest artists
Photography by Mark Boyarsky,
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Calvert Journal, The Village, Pepsi Co, Nestle, Readymag
Eugenia Balysheva
Dotphoton CEO, photographer
Challenge us. Send us your toughest raws and we'll send back Dotphoton-compressed raws for you to check out the quality.
"Dotphoton is genuinely about to break most of the issues raw files present" —
"There hasn't been much evolution in terms of raw file format since digital cameras have been around. However, one company named Dotphoton is about to change it all!...
Files can be compressed to a third or a fifth of their original size! Is It truly lossless? It definitely feels like there is no difference...
Dotphoton Raw is so far the best thing I've discovered this year. I haven't been excited about an app, solution, or even product in general for quite a while.
The result is actually very far from what you've ever seen."
Wait, but is this even real? Oh, yes! Dotphoton Raw is based on quantum scientific studies. You know, Schrödinger's cat and all that stuff
Supporting your favorite cameras and more to come
Dotphoton Raw runs only on  macOS Sierra and higher. Includes a 1GB installation of Adobe DNG Converter. We encourage you to keep source files backup during the first weeks of your Dotphoton Raw experience and compare original and compressed images only in mode excluding embedded previews.
Currently not supporting, will be introduced in 2 months.

Settings reducing image quality to 12 bit:
  • Bulb mode: all exposures > 30 sec.
  • Continuous shooting mode
  • Silent shooting mode
  • Long exposure noise reduction LENR = ON
A99 II
Not supporting Nikon's "Compressed NEF" setting reducing image quality to 12 bit
    D750 new!
    Not supporting lossy integrated proprietary compressed files:
    • sRaws
    • mRaws
    1D X Mark II new!
    5D Mark IV
    5D Mark III
    5D Mark II
    5DS R
    7D Mark II
    Not supporting "Dynamic Range" setting values above 100%
    GFX 50S new!
    GFX 50R new!
    Mavic Pro 2
    Don't see your camera on the list yet? Upvote to get it supported ASAP
    Early bird offer:
    $49/year, free updates
    Like a cup of coffee a month, but for your next favorite professional software
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